Plasma vaporization is a completely new surgery.
UMIR GROUP, pioneer in Argentine, has been using this tecnique to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.
One of its advantages is that it allows to do a biopsy during the procedure.
It is a new development that involves a safer and less invasive surgical treatment to remove prostatic tissue.
Different from the conventional prostatic dissection, this new procedure does not cut or burn the tissue but vaporize it through a small electrode.

The laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique that allows doctors to carry out different types of procedures through the introduction of an optic connected to a camera and different trocars inside the body at the level of the abdomen or retroperitoneal, according to where the procedure takes place. During a laproscopic surgery all the equipment observes the site or organ to be worked on and the movement and actions of the different tools through an HD monitor that shows the images received by the laparoscopy camera or optic.

Uro-oncoly works in the diagnosis and treatment of the malignant diseases of urinary tract.
The more frequent tumors are prostate cancer (most common tumor in men), kidney cancer, bladder cancer and testicular and penis tumors.
UMIR group has constituted the first uro oncoloy unit in the area to treat these tumors in a less invasive way, with an interdisciplinary approach for the therapeutic and montoring, based on updated international guides and relying on the latest treatment technology.